"Emerald Cut Moissanite and Diamond Size Chart - When comparing the carat weight of a moissanite gemstone to a diamond of the same size, the moissanite will weigh less. Therefore, we prefer to use the millimeter (mm) measurements when referring to our moissanite sizes. Here are some handy charts to compare moissanite and diamond sizes to their equivalent carat weights"

      round diamond size chart       Cushion cut size chart       emerald step cut moissanite size chart    Asscher cut size chart       Radiant cut size chart       Pear cut size chart       Marquise cut size chart       Oval cut size chart       Princess cut size chart

Emerald Cut Size Chart

Moissanite Average Weight
Diamond Equivalent Weight
4 x 2 0.17 0.15
5 x 3 0.30 0.29
6 x 4 0.60 0.50
7 x 5 1.00 1.00
8 x 6 1.80 1.75
9 x 7 2.75 2.50
10 x 8 3.76 3.79
11 x 9 5.25 5.21
12 x 10 6.88 6.00


Moissanites and Diamonds 

When searching for jewelry and engagement rings for our special ones, we always have one thought - "Gift the best". Although diamonds are the best choice, what if it does not fit the budget? 

If you're trying Google, Yahoo, or Bing for stones similar to diamond properties at an affordable price, 99.9%, you will be led to moissanite. It can be one of the apparent reasons why you are in Eurekalook

While moissanite and diamonds may look nearly identical, they are two very different gemstones. To make sure not to confuse the stone for a diamond, we have created the above moissanite vs. diamond size chart. 

Eurekalook moissanite collection is now spreading its wings which means that we now offer Moissanite stone jewelry in different shapes like pear, round brilliant, Asscher, emerald, marquise, oval, cushion and several othe old and vintage cut.

Round cut brilliant moissanite carat vs. diamond carat, 8mm

(57-58 facets) 

Cushion cut moissanite carat vs. diamond carat, 7 mm 

( 81-82 facets) 

Emerald cut moissanite carat vs. diamond carat,

8.5*6.5 mm

(45-46 facets)

Oval cut moissanite carat vs. diamond carat, 


(69-70 facets)












The colorless clear virtue and sparkling characteristics of Eurekalook moissanite make it an ideal substitute for buyers who want the look of diamonds within budget. 

Moissanite isn't a diamond duplicate; instead, it is a unique stone that offers the same striking characteristics of a diamond. Eurekalook Moissanite jewelry is available at a fraction of the diamond price.

When selected as the centerpiece for jewelry (especially an engagement ring!), moissanite combines flawless perfection with economical Brilliance!

Moissanite Bonus

While no gemstone can match a diamond's hardness, Eurekalook Moissanite stones come incredibly close. Our Moissanite stones score a 9.25 on the MOHs scale of hardness, while the diamond score is 10.  Therefore,  We would like to say that our moissanite to diamond size is also almost the same.

Even though the moissanite diamond size chart indicates a small difference, Carat will affect a Moissanite stone's price but not by nearly as much as it would a diamond. While a one-carat diamond might cost $3000 similarly sized moissanite might only set you back $150.

Apart from this, the light play inside a Eurekalook Moissanite is more than Diamond because our Moissanite stones have a greater refractive index and therefore contain more fire and Brilliance.

How is this achieved? 

We cut our Moissanite stones in a unique way that emphasizes the gemstone's natural beauty and sparkle. 

To minimize the difference between moissanite carat size vs. diamond, our expert gem cutters examine each Moissanite stone brought in-house and determine the cut that would enhance the Moissanite gemstone's beauty. Our specialized cutting techniques prime factor is to make anyone wearing Eurekalook Moissanite stones shine.

Care for the environment 

Apart from providing a moissanite size chart for your guidance, we would like to say that our Moissanites are ethically and responsibly sourced; we strive hard to control our contribution towards Carbon Nature.

Moissanite can't break easily

Moissanite carat size resists chipping and breaking better than diamond. When struck against something hard, a Diamond can sheer off in the direction of its crystal growth. On the other hand, moissanite does not break in its crystal direction, as its cleavage is "indistinct." which means that a Moissanite ring can still be chipped. Eurekalook Moissanites are less prone to large breaks than a diamond.